Latest details of Intra-Afghan talks in Doha

The Afghan government and the Taliban contact groups held joint working session on Sunday evening on the rules and regulations of peace talks which progress were made, according to the both sides’ teams.

The Taliban’s political strategy

The Taliban’s political strategy has ensured that they have outlasted a superpower, now their articulation of a coherent political vision (if they have one) will guarantee that they outlive them too.

A survey by a Kabul institution showed

75% of Afghans support republic

The survey shows that 75% of the respondents said they prefer a republic system, 7% said they prefer an emirate, and 6% said a mixture of the two.

Former UNAMA chief: peace talks will not be easy

Former UNAMA chief Tadamichi Yamamoto said this week peace talks, underway in Qatar between Afghanistan and the Taliban, will not be easy especially as there is a wide gap between the two parties when it comes to some key fundamental issues.

Khalilzad: A unique moment for Afghanistan peace is available

Khalilzad said the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issued a statement on Afghanistan peace negotiations that underscores the international commitment to Afghanistan’s “sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity.

20 including bride wounded in Paktika blast

At least 20 people have been injured as a result of an explosion that hit a procession of wedding cars in the Janikhel district of southeastern Paktika province, an official said.