Khalilzad welcomes Pakistan-Afghanistan agreement

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad has welcomed the Pakistan-Afghanistan agreement on a shared vision for support of peace and stability in both countries.

ِDuring Doha meeting, Pompeo pushes for ceasefire

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo met with both the Afghanistan Republic and the Taliban’s negotiating teams in Doha, Qatar on Saturday to discuss issues around the peace process and a ceasefire, his office confirmed overnight in a statement.

Shahhussain Murtazawi:

Afghanistan and Pakistan need to make trust

Cooperation in the economic dimension is still important due to the important capabilities between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the trade and transit sector.

Pompeo to meet with Afghan and Taliban talks teams

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to meet negotiators from the Afghan negotiating team and from the Taliban in Doha as recent indications point towards some headway having been made in talks.

How did terrorists enter Kabul University?

The terrorists had investigated Kabul University ten days before the attack. They noticed that fashion students don’t get doubted at the entrance gate and don’t make a serious effort. So, they were wearing the same clothes when entered the University.

Dr. Fasihi: The concept of minority has been misunderstood in Afghanistan

“It is said that Afghanistan is a minority country is due to a misunderstanding of the concept of minority. Solving this misunderstanding is important because it may be one of the reasons for denying and avoiding accepting the minority status by the minorities themselves.” Fasihi added

To discuss recent developments in the region

Iran’s special envoy to Afghanistan arrived in Kabul

The Iranian embassy in Kabul said that Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian, Iran’s special envoy to Afghanistan, arrived in Kabul to discuss recent developments in the region with senior government officials.