• publish: 11 October 2017
  • time: 4:20 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 4778

Ghani: The national anti-corruption strategy needs to be implemented

President Ghani said the anti-corruption strategy needs to be implemented by all government institutions.

Speaking at the High session of rule of law and counter official corruption council held at presidential palace, he appreciated second vice president Sarwar Danesh, Supreme Court, attorney general office and ministry of justice for their efforts in codification of the strategy.

The president said that ambiguity which avoided works in Kabul municipality should be addressed and stressed on creating a commission for addressing current issues in the municipality.

President Ghani also added that a plan should be prepared for management of the Kabul municipality’s properties and issues related to the municipality should be referred to attorney general office for further review and decision-making.

He stressed that there should be transparency in work process, activity and service delivery of Kabul municipality and serious measures should be adopted in clearing of properties.

Also, Vice President Sarwar Danesh spoke related to significance of the strategy and suggested that in a decree all government institutions should be obliged to execute the strategy in their offices.

In the session, acting chief of Kabul municipality delivered the session related to modality of protection the municipality’s properties.

He added that the municipality was making effort to address city problems, but numerous problems were still preventing them from delivering better services to the people.

General director of high anti-corruption authority Sayed Hussain Fakhri said that contracts which have been conducted by Kabul municipality had particular problems and shortcomings and were not in accordance to procurements law.

He stressed on ways for necessary solution of such problems in Kabul municipality.

Head of independent administrative reforms and civil servants commission Ahmad Nadir Nadiri in his speech said that the commission has kicked off work with Kabul municipality, adding that appointment process would be started in Kabul municipality soon after reforms process were reviewed.


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