• publish: 9 September 2015
  • time: 12:10 am
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Interior minister deputy anti-narcotics:

60% of the anti-narcotic forces deployed in unstable areas are not in our control   

Deputy anti-narcotics for the Afghan interior ministry, Baz Mohammad Ahmadi says that sixty percent of the anti-narcotic forces deployed in unstable areas of the country are out of the ministry’s control.

Ahmadi said lack of security creates a great deal of challenges for the anti-narcotic forces and that they are hampered in their efforts.

He added that some anti-narcotic forces in the remote areas are being forced to call their duties in other sections and entities.

He further added that the halt of financial and equipment supports for the security forces particularly anti-narcotic forces has put new challenges ahead of them.

“With the holding of training and capacity-raising courses and revising reinforcement of forces and specializing them, independently or with supports of other sections of security forces, we aim to repel such challenges which are ahead of anti-narcotic forces,” deputy anti-narcotics of Ministry of Interior said.

So as to fulfill the desire, ministry of interior has established a three-day seminar for the managers of 15 vulnerable provinces to fight against the evil of narcotics, which ended on Tuesday.




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