• publish: 8 October 2015
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A number of Activists and students in Kabul Criticize Government’s Performance

A number of civil society activists and students on Thursday said they had lost faith in the National Unity Government (NUG) and that it was a failed administration.

The students and activists had gathered in Kabul city to mark the one year anniversary of the NUG. However, instead of celebrating, they held a mock “memorial” for government.

Some protestors wore President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah masks and played out a performance of the two leaders heading up their 2014 presidential election campaign with their respective slogans being Change and Continuation and Reforms and Unity.

One activist in the performance, pretending to be US Secretary of State John Kerry, cut a cake into two parts – all the while pretending to divide the power.

“They made lots of promises during their election campaigns but now after one year they have not fulfilled those promises and pledges,” said a civil society activist.

The protestors also wrote some promises of the NUG leaders’ electoral campaigns on ice cubes and left them to melt in the sun. They did this to show that promises made were mere-lip service.

“We have lost hope with the NUG and today we held a memorial ceremony for this failed administration,” said a university student and activist.

“The leaders [Abdullah and Ghani] vowed to uproot poverty and improve the country’s youth. None of this happened and instead the situation has worsened,” said a civil society activist.

Protestors meanwhile said that unemployment has increased dramatically and that the public’s financial wellbeing has worsened. They also said that insecurity has escalated in the past year.

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