• publish: 4 January 2016
  • time: 7:29 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 2872

A second powerful explosion rocked Kabul Air Port

Early reports indicate the a car bomb was detonated close to the scene of the first explosion that happened Monday morning close to the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Reports suggest that high casualties were feared as the explosion was heavy.

This is the second blast that hit Kabul and Hamid Karzai International Air Port in a single day.

No group including Taliban have yet to take the responsibility of the attack.

Around 11 A.M, a suicide car bomber detonated his explosive vest near the airport in Kabul.

Officials said the bomber had been driving was also packed with explosives. However, when stopped at police checkpoint, the suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest.

The explosives in the car failed to detonate.

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