• publish: 10 September 2015
  • time: 8:12 pm
  • category: Culture&Art
  • No: 1147

A theatre show performed in Bamyan to protest against lack of security

A number of activists in central province of Bamyan of Afghanistan performed a theatre show, with which they protest against lack of security and killings of innocent people.

They performed a theatre show in which they depicted the killings of people and increase of kidnapping in Afghanistan; they urged government to take steps.

They also hold slogans reading “there is no ear to hear” and blamed the government for being negligence towards the recent increase of violence.

In their performance, they performed scenes of some suicide attacks, mine planting and kidnapping of passengers from the highways, saying most of the victims are civilians.

Head of Afghanistan civil society institute, Hussain Dad Ahmadi said that there are victims of violence and war every day in our country, but there is no listening ear to hear.

He said “once again we voiced our concern from Bamyan for a sympathy with those families being victims of war in all corners of Afghanistan.”

The protestors performed a show in which they depict violence, blasts, poverty, flee of youths from country, weak sovereignty of government and corruption, and they urged government to bring security and peace in the country.

In the same event in Kabul last week, a number of other activists rallied through the streets and urged government to take actions for security and peace.


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