• publish: 29 August 2015
  • time: 11:25 pm
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Activists rally on Kabul streets calling on insurgents to join peace process

Carrying posters and banners which names of all Afghan ethnic groups were written on, a number of social activists rallied on so-called Kabul’s airport street and called on insurgents to join the peace process.

They, while having a kid carrying a pigeon on his hands with them, have symbolically put a few guns into several cages and lined the street with rose flowers.

Organizer of the rally, Sami Dareie said that they have rallied and poured flowers all over the street to urge the insurgents to put aside their guns and join the peace process.

During their rally, they also honored with a bunch of flower the sacrifices that the security forces of the country are giving.

“We not only highly appreciate the sacrifices that our security forces are giving, but also thank those insurgents joining the peace process”, Sami Dareie said.

Having thanked the security forces for their fulfillment of their duties, the activists also announced their support for the security forces.

Abdul Raouf Oruzgani, commander of police district 9th of Kabul, who has taken part in the rally said people announcing their support for the security forces could rise the courage amongst the forces.

“The support from people can enable security forces to hamper and foil subversive activities of the insurgents,” he said, adding that “people could report to the police when facing suspicious activities.”

At the end of the rally, some artists performed a show depicting the scene of a suicide attack and its consequences.

The rally and performance from social activists come after the so-called Kabul Airport Street witnessed several attacks three weeks ago.


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