• publish: 18 January 2018
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Afghan gov, Taliban Peace Talks are ongoing in Pakistan: Sources

Senior officials in the condition of anonymity have confirmed a three member delegation from the Taliban political office has visited Islamabad to restore peace process.


Sources talking to Reuters have confirmed that the delegation approved by the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Akhundzada has visited Islamabad this week with the aim to re-start the official peace process between Afghan government and the Taliban, paused after the news revealed the founder of the Taliban Mullah Omar had died long ago.

This comes amid reports that a five member delegation from the Taliban also unofficially participated in talks with the Afghan government representatives in Istanbul of Turkey this week.

However, it was all rejected by Taliban spokesman and Afghan government officials, both claiming they were unaware of such talks.

The three member delegation who has visited Pakistan for the peace talks to be restored include Shababuddin Dilawar and Jan Mohammad Madani from the Taliban’s political office in Qatar as well as the brother-in-law of Mullah Jacoob, son of the late Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, sources told Reuters.

They met representatives of Afghan politician Syed Hamid Gilani, Chairman of Mahaz-e-Milli Party, a senior aide to Gilani confirmed on condition of anonymity, it said. Gilani’s office did not respond to queries.

But both the Taliban and Afghan government officials have denied knowing anything about the talks in Islamabad.

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