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Afghan president and Chief Executive met Pakistani PM

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani welcomed Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at the presidential palace on Friday, the president press office said in a statement.

According to the statement during the meeting, both sides discussed about bilateral relations, fighting terrorism, regional linkage, Afghan-led peace process, violations along Durand Line, honorable returning of Afghan refugees, road construction and railway projects, exchanging prisoners and finalization of ‘Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity’.Kabul Times reported.

Pointing at violations along Durand Line, President Ghani stressed that ongoing situation is not at the benefit of any country and any concern in the respect should be solved through diplomatic channels, the statement went on to say.

Both sides also spoke about regional linkage particularly energy transmission from Middle Asia through Afghanistan and Pakistan and practical work on construction of Kandahar-Quetta, Peshawar-Jalalabad railway and Peshawar-Jalalabad-Kabul highway, the statement continued.

Furthermore, two sides agreed on arrangement of a timetable and appropriate mechanism for honorable repatriation of Afghan refugees.

Calling Afghanistan peace and stability key in the region, the president added we are in a sensitive situation in which both sides’ decision would guarantee future generations’ welfare.

Two sides also discussed imminent peace conference would be held in Indonesia between religious scholars of Afghanistan, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Welcoming the president’s peace proposal to the Taliban, Pakistani PM called Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process the only solution and assured of his country’s continued support in this regard.

At the end, Pakistani PM officially invited President Ghani to visit his country.

Also Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah separately met Pakistani PM at the Sapidar Palace yesterday, during which both sides discussed variety of issues pertaining common and honest fighting terrorism, Afghan refugees’ challenges in Pakistan, Pakistani army rocket shelling along Durand Line and Kabul-Islamabad relations in terms of economic and business.

During the meeting, CE Abdullah said terrorism was not only a security challenge but also negatively affects economic opportunities and needs to be decisively fought.

On Afghan merchants’ problems in Pakistan, Dr. Abdullah said the challenge in this regard were need to be removed to further boost business-transit transactions and relations between the two countries.

In return, Pakistani PM said his visit to Kabul aimed at restoring peace and stability in Afghanistan, adding his country is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.

At the end, Pakistani PM invited CE Abdullah to visit his country, calling such meetings effective to bolster both sides’ relations.


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