• publish: 10 August 2016
  • time: 12:42 pm
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Afghan refugees in Pakistan selling properties almost half lower the price

Afghan refugees in Pakistan are selling their properties almost half lower the normal price, after Pakistani government forced them to leave the country.

Afghan refugees residing in Sawabi district of northwestern Khyber province in Pakistan for decades have told Pakistani media that they have to sell their properties less than the normal price as they have been forced to leave the country soon.


They said “if we get another extension it won’t be more than a year. It is clear that our stay in Pakistan is short lived now.” According to Pakistani Dawn.


Pakistani government earlier announced that it has extended the stay of Afghan refugees until the end of 2016, but Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in northwestern Pakistan has even made refugees to leave earlier.


And now, Afghan refugees residing in the province are rushing to sell their moveable and immoveable properties at much the lower price.


Earlier, an elder from Afghan refugee communities in Pakistan had told Pakistani and Afghan officials that they had faced a number of problems including financial problems after Pakistani government made it clear that no extension would be given and refugees have to leave the country.


“Afghan refugees who had businesses here with Pakistani citizens have now found it difficult to collect their money, as their Pakistani partners are refusing to do so, as they know refugees are leaving the country and have no time for any argument,” Said the elder.



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