• publish: 14 September 2019
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Joe Biden:

Afghanistan is a three different countries/Federalism a good choice there

US presidential hopeful Joe Biden has said that Afghanistan is three countries and it cannot be put together.

Speaking at a debate, Democratic Biden, who is a former US vice president, claimed that Pakistan owns three provinces in the east of Afghanistan.

“Pakistan owns the three counties — the three provinces in the east. They’re not any part of — the Haqqanis run it. I will go on and on,” Biden said.

He said that the purpose of US involvement in Afghanistan was not to have a counterinsurgency, “meaning that we’re going to put that country together.”

“It cannot be put together. Let me say it again. It will not be put together. It’s three different countries,” Biden said.

Biden suggested that US can prevent attacks coming out of Afghanistan by insisting the Pakistanis “provide bases to air lift from and to move against what we know.”

Sediq Sediqi, an Afghan presidential spokesman, however, rejected Biden’s remarks saying Afghanistan is not a divided country.

Meanwhile, another US presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, called for withdrawal of her country’s troops from Afghanistan.

“What we’re doing right now in Afghanistan is not helping the safety and security of the United States. It is not helping the safety and security of the world. It is not helping the safety and security of Afghanistan. We need to bring our troops home,” she said.

“We need to work with the rest of the world. We need to use our economic tools. We need to use our diplomatic tools. We need to build with our allies. And we need to make the whole world safer, not keep troops bombing in Afghanistan,” Warren said.

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