• publish: 11 August 2015
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Afghans call to boycott trade with Pakistan

Following a series of deadly and devastating bombings in capital Kabul and across the country, the activists have started a campaign to boycott the Pakistani products and currency widely used in Afghanistan.

The campaign gained momentum particularly in social media following a press conference by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Monday who slammed Pakistan’s role in curbing the mercenaries having safe havens in Pakistan from where they coordinate and launch deadly attacks in Afghanistan.

Ahead of President Ghani’s press conference, scores of people gathered in Shah Shaheed area to hold a candle light vigil to remember the victims of the devastating attack.

Pictures emerging from the site show the angry protesters condemning the brutal attack, blaming Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence – ISI for supporting the terror groups by providing them with safe havens within the Pakistani soil.

The pictures purportedly show the protesters calling for boycott of the Pakistani products and currency by going further and putting the Pakistani currency on fire.

Furor was sparked among the Afghan people after scores of people were killed or wounded in spate deadly attacks by the Taliban group in capital Kabul last week.

Taliban militants reportedly detonated a truck packed with explosives in Shah Shaheed area of Kabul city early on Friday morning which left at least 15 dead and nearly 400 others wounded.

Two back to back explosions rocked capital Kabul late on Friday night which left at least 27 police recruits dead along with a NATO service member and 8 contracted civilians of the Resolute Support mission.

However, Taliban have only claimed the responsibility of the two of the three deadly attacks.
Following the deadly attacks President Ghani appeared in a press conference criticizing Pakistan’s role and commitment to end the ongoing violence in the country.

He said Pakistan is still not prepared to sincerely cooperate to end the ongoing violence in the country and insisted that the leadership in Pakistan must end to the undeclared war in Afghanistan.

President Ghani further added that the mercenaries based in their safe havens in Pakistan still sending message of war to Afghanistan as Pakistan still remains a venue and ground for their gatherings.

Insisting on Afghanistan’s all “sincere efforts” for peace, President Ghani said “We can no longer tolerate to see our people bleeding in a war exported and imposed from outside.”

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