• publish: 24 April 2019
  • time: 11:55 am
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Afghans, region and world waiting to see the consultative Jirga’s results

President Ghani while visiting the Loya Jirga tent on Tuesday and meeting with leadership and members of the commission, said Afghans, region and world would see the Jirga’s results.  

He added we as a united nation have always solved our problems through Jirgas and consultations.
“Afghan women will firmly represent in the Loya Jirga, thus, 30 percent of the participants should be women,” the President said.

The President added no one could censor the Loya Jirga and nation’s representatives can freely come up with their views, suggestions and consultations.

He clarified that the consultative peace Loya Jirga will change all thoughts one peace into a cohesive discussion, adding national, regional, Islamic and international conditions have been provided for peace and existed limitations have been removed in this regard.

He said peace was a dream which has been mentioned sometimes, but it was not expected to be restored and we have witnessed that in our life.

At the end, the President visited different sections of the Loya Jirga tent and instructed the relevant in-charges to make effort to take necessary measures on better welcoming the representatives.

The head of the commission Mohammad Omar Daudzai also briefed about holding consultative Loya Jirga and perpetrations taken in this regard. Thanking the ministries of interior, national defense, independent directorate of local governance and other government administrations cooperated in this respect, Daudzai said that Urozgan representatives have already arrived in Kabul and other provinces’ representatives would soon arrive.

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