• publish: 3 August 2016
  • time: 10:56 am
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Air strike kills at least 9 Taliban’s key commanders in central Ghazni

Afghan forces’ air strikes on hideouts of the Taliban insurgents in central Ghazni province left at least 9 key commanders of the militants dead.

Afghan Air Forces AAF launched a wide ranges of operations in Karizno area of Gilan district in central Ghazni province, that during which at least 9 key commanders of the Taliban militant group were killed and a dozen others were wounded; Afghan ministry of interior said in a statement.

During the operations, more than 50 members of the group were also killed and 35 others were wounded, the statement added.

Ministry of Interior in its statement identifies the dead commanders of the Taliban group as follows:

Mullah Saheb Khan, Mullah Khair Muhmmad both were Taliban’s head of intelligence in Ghanzi, Mullah Nasratullah, Mullah Nasim, Mullah Akmal, Molawi Khalil head of Taliban military commission in Arghandab district of Zabul province, and three others who were Pakistani national including Hafiz in charge of making suicide vests and bombs, Kamran and Shoukat Ali.

Ministry of Interior expresses hopes the situation is getting better in Ghazni province and surrounding provinces following the operations.

It is worth mentioning that Afghan forces have recently focused on eliminating top figures of the militant groups including shadow governors, judges and military commanders.

Taliban has yet to make any comment.

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