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Ministry of Defense:

ANA planned & lunched 738 military operations during the current year

“Afghan National Army (ANA) forces have planned and launched 738 military operations in various parts of the country during the current solar year.” Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced.

Officials in MoD say that programs are underway for further equipment, strengthening and training of ANA personnel as well as maintaining better security in the country.

The ministry by launching Khaled operation in various provinces of the country has implemented better programs with close cooperation of all security organs.”

“As per 738 military operations planned during the current year, 2278 operations have been executed by our commando and special forces, 3781 air operations and 265 night operations have been conducted. As result of these operations, tens thousands of insurgents have been killed, 8755 others injured, 1707 others arrested, more than 91651 mines discovered and defused, more than 106 heavy arms and 1260 light arms as well as 275 vehicles, 5774 kg explosives and 20 explosives-laden vests have been seized. Moreover, 280 key commanders of terrorists have been killed in military operations conducted by Afghan national defense and security forces during the current year,” Gen. Waziri said.

In connection with spending budget by ministry of defense, Gen. Waziri said that MoD has been able to spend more than 80 percent of its development budget and 85 percent of its ordinary budget, adding that ANA personnel were receiving their monthly salaries regularly. He said that efforts were still continuing for counter corruption in MoD. Pointing to training and equipment of ANA personnel, the MoD spokesperson said: “During the current solar year, 1537 ANA personnel have graduated from military academy, while 1346 officers have graduated from the academy and received graduation certificates.”

He asserted that 31217 individuals have been newly recruited Afghan National Army, adding that further efforts have been made in the past one year to further strengthen and equip the country’s security forces.

Answering a question regarding merging border police forces and ANCOP to ANA forces, Gen. Waziri said: “Our border and civil order police forces that have been merged to MoD need further training and equipment so they can play key role in wars in coming spring and summer seasons.”

“MoD in coordination with all other security organs are working for better programs and plans in connection with launching military operations, controlling enemies’ activities and maintaining better security for the people of Afghanistan,” the MoD spokesperson DawlatWaziri said, adding that the country’s national defense and security forces are fully ready for coming war season, but hoping that the people of Afghanistan would not witness war and violence in the country anymore. Nevertheless, Gen. Waziri said that terrorism was a serious threat not only to Afghanistan but the world and region; therefore, counter terrorism needed serious determination of the world and NATO member countries, the US and regional countries should jointly work and help Afghanistan in counterterrorism effort so that the phenomenon would be rooted out in the world.

 Kabul Times/Dawn

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