• publish: 2 September 2015
  • time: 4:20 pm
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Pullout of ancient relics in Logar of Afghanistan starts

On the threshold of commencement the extraction work of Logar Aynak copper mine, officials for ministry of information and culture say efforts have increased for taking historic monuments out of the area as well.

Existence of an old and historic city and dozens of historic monuments in the area were specified during the government of Hamid Karzai.

The country’s high-ranking officials while paying visit to Logar Ainak copper mine and the historic site informed of the government’s efforts towards taking the historic monuments out and starting work on extraction of the mine.

Daud Shah Saba, Minister of Mines and Petroleum, while visiting the area, criticized ICC, the Chinese company for its slow pace of working related to the extraction of the Aynak copper mine.

He asked the company’s representative to soon start the extraction of Aynak copper mine by completing preliminary works.

Abdul Bari Jahani, Minister of Information and Culture also paid a visit to the historic site of Ainak copper mine and informed of a professional digging of some archaeologists for taking the historic monuments out of the area.

Jahani said by taking the remained historic monuments out from the Ainak copper mine area, facility for extraction of the mine would be paved.

Minister of information and culture considered existence of the historic monuments and many historic sites in Afghanistan as good witness for Afghanistan’s rich civilization, asking the archaeologists to make efforts to professionally extract the historic treasures.

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