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Another opposition party launched in Afghanistan

The New National Front of Afghanistan (NNF), officially launched as an opposition party on Thursday, claims the National Unity Government (NUG) has failed in all areas. It stressed that elections should be held as soon as possible so as to replace the current government.

Speaking at the launch, Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi, the chairman of the new party, said that all activities of the NUG are against national interests. Tolo News reported.

He said he regrets having supported the NUG leaders during the 2014 presidential elections and said people should not have to be victims of political games of the NUG leaders— President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah.

The new party is the second political party after the National Congress Party, led by Abdul Latif Pedram, to take on an opposition role.

Ahadi served as Finance Minister under ex-president Hamid Karzai and supported Ghani during his pre-election campaign in 2014.

He said that he is tired of government’s unfulfilled promises.

“The incumbent government is a failure. It is incompetent and dishonest. The New National Front of Afghanistan believes that based on the constitution, elections should be held so as to replace the current government. We are an opposition party; we are not trying to be part of the government,” Ahadi said.

He added that only transparent elections can rescue the country. The party, despite taking on an opposition role, does however, lend its support to the system, he said.

Ahadi believes that widespread poverty and the migration crisis are results of differences from within government. As such he called on the international community not to put pressure on the NUG to continue its work.

“The fear of a worse future should not deter us from our demands. I call on donors to restrain from coming up with the reason of no alternative to the current government. People want a change in the government and our constitution allows us to hold early elections and no one can argue that this is a legal government,” Ahadi added.

Maulavi Qalamuddin, one of the founders of the party sent a message to Ghani and said he will lose the nation’s support if he does not turn things around. “Who will stay beside you? Who will you rule? He, who doesn’t have people around, cannot be called president,” he said.

Sayed Jawad Husaini, another leader of the party, said opposition parties serve as a voice of nations and monitor government’s activities. “The troubles that we are currently experiencing are because we don’t have a strong opposition,” he added.

The front also lashed out at government for not appointing an attorney general and other senior government officials and criticized the president for constantly issuing decrees.


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