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Afghan Special Security Force as the elite forces to stabilize Afghanistan

Afghanistan pins its hope on Afghan Special Security Forces (ASSF) in fighting with the ruthless Taliban and other insurgent groups. ASSF conducts special operations across the country. They are anytime anywhere to secure Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s elite forces make up 10 percent of Afghanistan’s 322,000 soldiers, but the corps conducts 80 percent of offensive operations against the insurgent groups. They are the best troops and the best-equipped troops with air support.Kabul Times reported.

The Special Operations Corps continues to prove its high capacity by conducting night raids on the Islamic State and the Taliban insurgents. Across the country and inunreachable areas, ASSF personals are there to eliminate threats against Afghan civilians so they will be safe in the cities and towns.

The personal are ready to raid high-value individuals, drug smuggling networks and high-profile attacks. Lately, multi-times the Special Operation Corps conducted offensive in the stronghold of the Islamic State in Achin district of Nangarhar province, and destroyedsafe-havens of the brutal extremists.

The successful counterattack in the northern city of Kunduz was highly valuable to the Afghan National Army. In the first response, the personals pushed back the Taliban insurgents from the center of Kunduz and paved way for the Afghan Army to hold the secure area.

In all parts of the country, the main task of the Special Operation Forces is to clean up of areas that the insurgents have strongholds, secure the area and let Afghan army personal to hold the area. Immediately, the Special Operation Forces leave the secured-area for another duty.

According to the NATO-Resolute Support Mission, the Special Operation Forces carried four out of five operations independent of the NATO forces in Afghanistan. NATO forces solely train and advice the Afghan Special Operations Forces.

In 2017, the Afghan government established an Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASCO) Corps headquarters as part of the four-year plan of growth of Afghan Special Forces. The government aimed to double the current size of 17,000 Afghan Special Forces by 2019 in order to command and control the country.

“The enemy has a simple choice,” Said Gen. John Nicholson, command resolute support mission in Kabul. “Stop fighting on behalf of the neighbors of Afghanistan. Stop killing innocent civilians. Stop bringing hardship and misery to the Afghan people. Lay down your arms. Build a better future for your country and families. Or, die at the hands of the Commandos.”

The Afghan government has had several generous peace offers in the last years. Peace between the Taliban group and the government is priceless, and undoubtedly every Afghans want to see a peaceful country in the near future.  But in case the insurgents refuse to accept the peace offer, “To the enemy: our Special Forces will defeat you,” the President Ashraf Ghani warned the insurgent groups during establishment of ANASCO corps headquarters.

In the face of the world, the Afghan Special Forces has proved to be highly countable troops. Last year, the crowd Islamic fighters entered the Military hospital in the capital Kabul. For hours, the insurgents fought Afghan forces, until the Afghan Special Forces landed from the air on the top of the hospital and eliminated the threat within an hour.

Afghanistan needs more and more Special Forces to stand up against the ruthless and heartless insurgents that have nothing to offer for Afghans, but only suffering and pain to innocent Afghans. In contrast, the more Afghanistan has Special Forces, the more likely the country will be safe. And Afghans will live in peace.


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