• publish: 13 February 2018
  • time: 5:00 pm
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Attack on the house of Jalalabad cricket athlete

The house of the Afghan cricket athlete Hamid Hassan was targeted by unknown armed individuals in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital of Nangarhar province.

‘’The incident took place late on Monday night after armed individuals hurled hand grenade on the residence of Hamid Hassan in the city.’’ The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) said

The ACB also added that Hassan has survived the attack unhurt but the attack has caused some damages to his property.

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) ruled out the involvement of the terror groups in the attack and said the criminal gangs had earlier demanded money from the family of Hassan.

The criminal gangs had also warned the family of Hassan of attacks in case they did not receive the money, ACB said, adding that the family of Hassan had also informed the security authorities regarding the threats.

According to ACB, the attack on Monday night was carried out almost two weeks after the family of Hassan had received threats from the criminal gangs.

The Cricket Board of Afghanistan strongly condemned the attack


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