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US, China challenge over `Belt and Road’ in Afghan Resolution

The United States and China clashed Friday over Beijing’s $1 trillion “belt and road” global infrastructure program after the Security Council unanimously approved a bare bones resolution extending the mandate of the U.N. political mission in Afghanistan for six months.

Mullah Baradar hopeful about progress in US-Taliban talks

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, Taliban’s deputy leader and head of the group’s Qatar office, is optimistic about the progresses made in the marathon talks between the US and Taliban negotiators in Doha which ended after 16 days on Tuesday, according to an audio interview of the Taliban’s deputy leader made public on Thursday.

The complicated reality of women’s rights in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

As peace talks continue between U.S. and Taliban representatives, women’s groups have warned that a Taliban return to power, or a hasty deal that grants the insurgents undue influence, could mean a return to the days when women were whipped by religious vigilantes for exposing their hair or ankles, forbidden to work and forced to study in secret.

Is peace at hand in Afghanistan?

Is peace in Afghanistan at hand? For the Americans, it may well be. But for the Afghans, the war is likely to continue regardless of what deal is signed or what preliminary arrangements are made.