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In Badakhshan, car accident left 14 killed and wounded

local officials in Badakhshan said the incident took place, while a military vehicle type of “Ranger” crashed with a passengers’ vehicle type of “Saracha” in Pul Gozar region, Argoy district of the province.

Trump: We are police in Afghanistan

“we’re a police force in Afghanistan and at some point, they’re going to have to be able to take care of their country,” Trump said.

Intra-Afghan peace talks will be damaged

Moscow reacted to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s latest order to the Afghan forces in which he ordered the national defense and security forces to resume offensive operations against the militants, including Taliban.

Iran strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Kabul

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the terrorist attacks in Kabul, Nangarhar and Laghman on Wednesday which resulted in martyrdom and wounding of dozens of innocent Afghans, and expressed sympathy and solidarity with the people and government of Afghanistan.