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All options on Table after Jawza 1st

M. Hanif Atmar, a presidential candidate, warned the government Monday during a press conference in Kabul, saying that the continuation of the current administration’s terms is unacceptable after May 22 and that Ashraf Ghani must step down.

When bloodshed ends?

The killing and suffering of the Afghan people is the only result of the ongoing foreign military campaign in Afghanistan.

Former Afghan election commissioners indicted over fraud

Jamshid Rasooli said that the former election officials including heads of Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaints Commission were formally accused of committing fraud in the last year’s parliamentary elections specifically in two provinces.

German envoy meets Mullah Baradar in Qatar

German Special envoy on Afghanistan Markus Potzel at the head of a delegation has reportedly met with Taliban chief of political office Mullah Baradar in Doha, Qatar.