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Afghan women should not wait for others to solve their problems

She said that Afghan women need to recognize that the Taliban is not their only or worst problem. Deep-seated cultural values and traditions, such as the so-called Pashtun “honor code,” are far more devastating to women’s lives, and most of these are clearly un-Islamic or even anti-Islamic, she said.

Take Responsibility or Resign

Maj. Gen. Massoud Andarabi, the acting minister of interior affairs, Maj. Gen. Massoud Andarabi warned senior police officers to “strictly” act against crimes in Kabul and other provinces or resign from their posts.

Afghanistan peace deal seems closer than ever before

Peace in Afghanistan is in the best interests of all countries in the region and beyond. The ongoing conflict serves no one’s interests and destabilizes the entire region. A peaceful Afghanistan would offer economic opportunities for neighboring countries in the form of business, trade and serving as an energy corridor between Central and South Asia.