• publish: 18 May 2019
  • time: 4:14 pm
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Daudzai: Agreement with Taliban impossible before September election

A peace agreement with the Taliban is unlikely to be struck before the September election in Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani’s special envoy has said.

Addressing a gathering in India, Mohammad Umer Daudzai, who is also the head of High Peace Council secretariat, said that peace talks is a complex and long process.

“Peace talks is a complex and long process which will take some time. But it will not be achieved before the election. There will be some uncertainties but the polling and transition will be completed nevertheless,” Daudzai said speaking at the Indian Council of World Affairs in New Delhi.

The US has held several rounds of peace talks with the Taliban, but the group has yet to enter into negotiation with the Afghan government.

Daduzai said that the US has briefed Kabul about the talks but maintained that they had no way to find out if they were being told the full details.

He said that the Taliban’s profile went up and they benefited politically from talks with the US, but said that it doesn’t reflect the ground realities at the battlefield.

Referring to Pakistan which is seen as having ties with the Taliban, Daudzai said that Islamabad played the role facilitator of talks between the Taliban and the US and indicated that they would urge Pakistan to cooperate in making the talks broad-based and acceptable to Kabul.

“When the right time comes, the Taliban will join the rest of the country,” Daudzai said.

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