• publish: 1 May 2019
  • time: 12:30 pm
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Deputies, secretaries appointed for consultative peace Jirga

The deputies and secretaries of consultative Peace Jirga (Grand Assembly) were appointed late on Tuesday following controversies which ensued after the opening of the gathering on Monday morning.

Sources privy of the development have confirmed that five deputies and five secretaries have been appointed for consultative peace Jirga.

According to sources, Afzal Hadid, Arif Noorzai, Kamal Safi, Habiba Sarabi, and Munira Akhundzada have been as deputies of the Jirga while Rafiullah Haidari, Atifa Tayib, Irfanullah Irfan, Gulalai Akbari, and Musa Rahimi have been appointed as secretaries of the Jirga.

This comes as reports had emerged earlier suggesting that the representatives of Kandahar including the provincial council chief of the province had expressed their opposition with the agenda of Jirga and had left the Loya Jirga Hall together with several other representatives, protesting against the alleged interferences of President Ghani in the agenda of Jirga.

However, the report has not been verified by officials sources so far.

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