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Dr. Fasihi: The concept of minority has been misunderstood in Afghanistan

Making speech at “ the conference of Minorities and Peace held by Kabul Civil Society and Human Rights Network” Dr. Fasihi Abulfazl said:”The concept of minority has been misunderstood in many cases. Minority does not necessarily have a small and numeric concept. Minority is a group that has been in the lower position for ethnic, sexual, religious and… reasons.”  

“It is said that Afghanistan is a minority country is due to a misunderstanding of the concept of minority. Solving this misunderstanding is important because it may be one of the reasons for denying and avoiding accepting the minority status by the minorities themselves.” Fasihi added

According to Fasihi the first step in solving the problem of minorities and ethnic conflicts is accepting this problem by both the government and the minorities. Any kind of avoiding acceptance of this issue will block the way to solve the problem.”

He said the next step in solving the problem of minorities and ethnic conflicts is to return to the roots of the conflict. Whether the dispute is from ′′ top to bottom ′′ or ′′ down to top “. in words, the conflict has been transferred to the society by the political elite and the government, or the conflict has historical structural and socio-historical factors.

“Contrary to the usual perception that the finger of the accusation is pointing at ethnic pieces, the issue of ethnicity in Afghanistan seems to have deep social, historical and structural roots. This type of dispute is largely solved and change of government and foreign intervention does not help to solve the disputes.” he emphasized

Dr. Fasihi said:”the most vulnerable minority in Afghanistan are women. Because they have suffered the most damage during war and during peace they can simply be reconciled and eliminated. In case the removal of ethnic minorities, due to the potential of risk, is not that easily possible.”

“Ethnic management can have three patterns: suppression pattern, democratic pattern, division. The role model of suppression in Afghanistan is not answerable. Democracy (in the form of concentrated majority democracy) has no good history and is close to bankruptcy. Pargement is also essentially the ′′ last solution Maybe it’s better to think about other models of democracy. (For example, democracy is a society that has federalism. ) he explained