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Due to economic problems, Afghan youth cannot prove themselves

A number of Afghan youth enjoys visible talents in different art sections, but due to economic problems, they cannot prove themselves.

In fact, if they try their best and make impossible to possible, they can surely show their talents to people.
A Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery Department’s graduate, Hasibullah Najib said since my childhood, I was keen to paint. My first encourager was my father who has always supported me and provided my requirements in painting.

Then, I decided to be a professional painter and got enrolled in Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery.
He said, “I received many prides so far. For the first time, an art exhibition was held in Babur Garden, where I got the second position and then awarded with cash prize and a cup.”

Likewise, for the second times, an art exhibition was held in Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery where I once again got the second position and received many prizes, and I’m proud of that, he further said.
In 2012, I received Afghanistan’s contemporary arts association membership through which for the first time, I had taken part in an art exhibition.

This art exhibition is annually held among six south Asian countries and was recently hosted by India, where I received many prizes and Art Ambassador logo, he added.
In 2016, I had participated in an art exhibition ‘Underage Marriages’ where I got the first position and cash prize, he went on to say.

In 2017, for the second times, I participated in the same art exhibition and once again got the first position which is a proud to me, my family and my teachers, he continued.

“I have sold many of my works, but people don’t believe in my talent, because, I am a small boy and people think whoever is small, doesn’t have any talent,” he added.

Therefore, I have to attend any official or private art exhibition to prove myself to people, he said.
He added I can paint a person’s face in 15 minutes.

He said, “Unfortunately, art doesn’t worth in Afghanistan and even some people make fun of an artist.”
Anyway, I love my homeland and would never leave it. I would keep painting to reach my goals, he added.
My only wish is to serve my country through art, he said.

My message to all Afghan people is they should let their children to continue their education and higher education in any field they love so to show their hidden talents, he wished.

Established in 1351, Ghulam Muhammad Maimanagi art department has so far trained large number of students in different art sections.

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