• publish: 6 July 2015
  • time: 12:27 am
  • category: Economy
  • No: 135

Foreign firms accused of looting money from Afghans’

More than 50 Afghan companies on Sunday alleged different American and Turkish firms of “looting” over 100$ million from local Afghan contractors. The local companies urges President Ashraf Ghani for justice.

Representative of Afghan companies, Sayed Qudratullah Sadat, said that the US Turkish construction firms have deprived Afghan construction and logistic companies of over 100$ million. He asked the National Unity Government for measures to recover the looted money.

Speaking at a press conference here he claimed that there are several companies that took away Afghan construction and logistic companies’ money with support of the Corps of Engineering in the past.

Since 2011, Afghan companies seeking justice by referring the case to different relevant national and international organizations including Attorney General Office, but the response and outcome is unsatisfactory, he said, adding that “despite referring the case to the judicial bodies, no action was taken against the accused foreigners, and they successfully left the country without any problem.”

The foreign companies have taken the money from local companies in different construction projects of the ministries of defense and interior as well as construction of roads in different provinces.

Afghan companies also issued a resolution at the end in which they asked the government to address their problem. Owners of the companies have warned of continued protests if the money was not recovered.

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