• publish: 19 May 2019
  • time: 2:12 pm
  • category: Excerpted
  • No: 8359

Former Afghan election commissioners indicted over fraud

Jamshid Rasooli said that the former election officials including heads of Independent Election Commission and Electoral Complaints Commission were formally accused of committing fraud in the last year’s parliamentary elections specifically in two provinces.

Fraud in Kunar election involved 10 former commissioners, including IEC and ECC chiefs, and heads of secretariat and informational technology at IEC.

Badakhshan corruption involved all the former commissioners and heads of IEC secretariat and IT.

Rasooli further said that AGO addressed 191 reported cases of corruption since the start of parliamentary election process, including 35 in Kabul.

He said that 495 individuals, including 64 in Kabul, were indicted and their dossiers were sent to court.

The parliamentary election was held in October after a long delay, and marred by accusations of widespread fraud, including ballot-stuffing and technical problems with biometric verification equipment.

Final results from the vote were completed this week.

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