• publish: 27 February 2019
  • time: 5:47 pm
  • category: Politics
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Afghanistan Attorney General:

Former election commissioners investigated

Former members of election commissions and their heads have investigated, the Attorney General’s Office said on Wednesday.

The officials had been dismissed earlier this month and were referred to prosecution over allegations of corruption following problems with the organization of parliamentary election last year.

Jamshed Rasooli, a spokesman for AGO, said that the institution was seriously and impartially probing the cases of the former commissioners.

Election watchdogs have also called for the cases of the former election officials to be addressed in a serious manner.

Meanwhile, a number of protesting parliamentary candidates on Wednesday called for invalidation of Kabul votes and holding election again in the constituency.

“We thank the government for firing corrupt commissioners and referring to prosecution, but we want invalidation of Kabul votes,” said Irfanullah Irfan, a candidate from Kabul.

Afghanistan is scheduled to hold presidential election on 20 July.

On Tuesday, the presidency announced that it would host voting to pick new election officials on Wednesday, but the event was postponed to Friday.

The presidency said that the decision was taken due to travelling by some presidential candidates and requests by other candidates for more time.

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