• publish: 28 May 2019
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Gen. Ahmadzai: I have Proof about Moral Corruption in ARG

A former aide to president Ghani General Habibullah Ahmadzai claims a specific circle promotes prostitution in the presidential palace (ARG) and that he will never retreat from his remarks even one metre.

Mr Ahmadzai says he has no doubt on his claims and if investigation begins, he will submit his documents to the investigation panel. “my claim is correct and I believe in it,” he said.

Former security adviser to president Ghani Habibullah Ahmadzai in an interview with a private TV channel has claimed that sexual favours asked from women in exchange for a seat in the parliament and governmental posts.
“A circle within ARG systematically promotes prostitution and false democracy,” Ahmadzai had stressed.
He named Fazel Fazly, a senior adviser to the president, saying that Mr Fazly is more active than others in this circle.
According to Ahmadzai, some female MPs made their ways to the parliament through relationships and some succeeded with 500 to 600 votes.

The presidential palace has rejected the claims, saying that Mr Ahmadzai raised these statements in order to reach a seat or a position.
A day after ARG’s reaction to general Ahmadzai’s revelation, CE Abdullah Abdullah called for an independent investigation into the issue.
“Lately, there have been allegations about the parliamentary elections which have had a negative effect on the confidence of the Afghan people. This issue must be addressed independently and should not be dealt politically,” Mr Abdullah said Monday at the council ministers meeting.
“The investigation into these allegations should not be made in a way that the “messenger” is punished,” he added.

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