• publish: 24 February 2019
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Ghani: Reginal connections helps Afghanistan toward prosperity

President Ghani said reginal connectivity helps Afghanistan become prosperous.

Speaking on the occasion of Afghanistan’s first shipment through Chabahar port on Sunday morning, President Ghani said that today, Nimroz is not a deprived province, but a rich one.

Mr Ghani also said that the upcoming presidential election will be held on its determined time.
“Afghanistan is not a landlocked country, now, it is the crossroad of Central and South Asia,” said Ghani. Adding that “For the first time, Afghanistan’s exports have grown to more than $ 1 billion a day, hoping to reach $ 2 billion”.
According to him, the Chabahar port is an opportunity for all countries in the region.

President Ghani, meanwhile, said that the presidential elections will be held on the determined time and nobody has the right to delay it.
Ashraf Ghani also called on the security forces not to interfere in the political process of the elections.

On the other hand, Mohammad Reza Bahrami, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan, said that “our message to countries in the region is to avoid competition and violence”.
“The Chabahar port has raised its capacity over the past few years and can be the trading hub of Central Asia and even beyond Central Asia,” said Bahrami.

According to him, relations between Iran and Afghanistan are at a high level and based on mutual respect.
“Afghanistan along with Iran can reach development and stability,” he added.

On Sunday, the first trade convoy of Afghanistan sent to India through Chabahar port. The trade convoy is consisting of 23 trucks carrying 570 tons of goods from Zaranj city to Chabahar port.

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