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Government delegation trip to Doha delayed to unclear time

The Afghan delegation’s trip to Doha, Qatar, for talks with the Taliban was delayed to an unclear time for issues around the 249-member government team’s formation.
The delegation was expected to leave Kabul for Doha on Thursday.

This comes as Taliban delegation’s list for Doha talks finalized.
“Abbas Stanekzai, Salam Hanafi, Amir Khan Muttaqi, Abdul Latif Mansour, Mati ul-Haq Khales, Abdulmanan Umari, Sayed Rasoul Halim, Shahabuddin Delawar, Din Mohammad, Abdul Rahman Madani, Mullah Zahid Ahmadzai, Suhail Shaheen, M. Fazal Mazloom, Khairullah Khairkha, M. Nabi Umari, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Mullah Noorullah Noori, Ziaulhaq Madani, Abdul Ahad Jahangir, Emar Yasir, Mazargul Saleh, M. Naeem Wardak, Mullah Daud Abid, Mahyuddin Sadat, and Rasoul ul-Haq Aziz” are the Taliban’s delegation members.

On Tuesday, Afghan government also announced a 250-member delegation, which it includes government officials, religious scholars, civil activists, political activists, and journalism. The list also includes 52 women as well.
The intra-Afghan dialogue is expected to be held on 19-21 April in Doha, Qatar.