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Presidential Palace:

Government supports media and put every effort to protect journalists

The Presidential Palace ‘ARG’ has announced in a statement that government will put every effort to protect journalists, the announcement comes as Taliban threatened to attack the offices and staff members of Kabul-based 1TV and Tolo TV channels.

The statement released on Tuesday states that government supports the free, impartial and balanced activities of the media.

“The media and their free operations represent the expression and crystallization of the spirit of the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan, and the government fully supports the free, impartial and balanced activities of the media in giving information to the people,” States the statement.

“The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan recognizes any threat against journalists and media (In latest instance against Tolo and TV1 televisions) to be in contradiction to our national and religious principles and values as well as against the ruling laws of the country, and condemns it in the strongest terms.”

The statement further states that media plays an important role in flourishing the democratic system and strengthening national and public interests and facilitating the continuation of it is government’s responsibility.

“The Media and their workers have an important role in flourishing of the democratic system, giving information to the citizens as well as in strengthening national and public interests; facilitating continuation of this important and sacred mission remains responsibility of the government,” the statement adds.

“The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan reassures that in due consideration of the complete independence of the press, it will not hesitate to put every effort to ensure protection and safety of every journalist, as citizens of this country, and media organizations.”

Yesterday in a press conference, Afghan journalists warned of boycotting the coverage of Taliban news if they harm journalists or media organizations.

In a statement released on Monday, Taliban accused 1TV and Tolo television channels of propagating against them and threatened to attack them and their staff members.

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from now onwards does not recognize Tolo and 1 TV channels as media outlets but designates them as military objectives due to their disrespectful and hostile actions towards the Afghan Mujahid nation.” The press release stated.

“Hereafter all the reporters and associates of these channels will be deemed enemy personnel, all of their centers, offices and dispatched teams will be considered military objectives which will be directly eliminated.” The statement threatened.

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