• publish: 14 April 2018
  • time: 9:37 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 6314

HPC will take its other options if Taliban fail to join peace talks

A top official from Afghanistan High Peace Council has said that they will take their other options if the Taliban fail to join the peace process within the next three months.

Addressing lawmakers in the Lower House, Akram Khplwak, head of secretariat of HPC, said that the analysis of current situation was that “we are cautiously optimistic about peace.”1TV reported.

He explained that cautious optimism meant that domestic, regional and international pressure would finally compel the Taliban to join peace.

He said that HPC had made contact with some of senior members of the Taliban.

He added that world clerics would declare the Afghan war as illegitimate in a conference in next two or three months.

Kabul made offer of peace talks to the Taliban in late February, but the group has yet to officially respond.

Parliament had requested HPC officials two times over the last one month to report, but the officials refused to attend.

Amir Khan Yar, deputy speaker of the Lower House, urged HPC to soon reach an agreement with the Taliban to solve the Afghan war.

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