• publish: 9 December 2019
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IEC conference failed to find a solution for the ongoing election chaos

Independent Election Commission has held a gathering with the participation of scores of electoral observers, political leaders and organizations to find a solution for the ongoing election chaos in the country.

The conference being held yesterday was unproductive as members of the “Stability and Partnership” electoral team led by Chief Executive have protested the meeting and quit it.

Abdullah’s second running mate, Asadullah Sadaati has expressed frustration, saying that the IEC deliberately wanted the meeting to be ended in vain. “You have decided to fail the today’s conference,” he told to the commission’s officials, emphasizing that ‘you made this decision.’

He claimed that members of the political parties have been selected by the IEC based on favorable.

Although the meeting was suspended by “Stability and Partnership” ticket, the conference has gone for several hours, but failed to find a common goal to end electoral deadlock.

The Afghanistan presidential election, which was held on September 28th has created concerns among the Afghan and foreign officials. The chaotic process of election has put its negative impact on the Afghan peace process as both top runners Abdullah and President Ghani are impatiently waiting to take the office of presidency.  

Indeed, the Afghan government is embroiled in a fresh election standoff. Presidential polls ended in accusations of misconduct and corruption, with no results yet announced.

Hundreds of Abdullah’s supporters took out to the streets, protesting against what they say ‘widespread fraud’ in election, and also accuse the independent election commission of ignoring their demand. 

Ghani leads the Afghan government with Abdullah in a power-sharing agreement brokered by the US after the presidential election in 2014 was so deeply mired in corruption that a clear winner could not be determined.

But this time, the presidential candidates already said they would not allow any sorts of foreign interferences, and the election must have one clear winner.

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