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Afghanistan Ambassador to the United States:

In laying the groundwork for peace in Afghanistan significant strides made

Rahmani says Afghans know that peace cannot be delivered by a settlement with any one group alone.

Afghanistan Ambassador to the United States, Roya Rahmani, said her country knows “that peace is on the horizon,” and “it will come on our terms”.

“Although progress isn’t always easy…to see, we have made significant strides in laying the groundwork for peace in Afghanistan,” said Rahmani. “For the first time in generations, we have the vision, the will and the human capital necessary to achieve our goals.”

Rahmani’s comments came Friday in Washington at United States Institute of Peace discussion panel on a potential US-Taliban peace deal.

“The people of Afghanistan are well aware that neither security nor peace can be delivered by a settlement with any one group alone. And we are so grateful for the support we have received particularly from our American partners and our shared efforts to confront the major threats these groups pose not only to Afghans but to the entire world,” she said.

This comes as a delegation of Taliban held talks with Russian special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, in Moscow to discuss recent developments around the Afghan peace process, Russia’s TASS news agency reported.

“The delegation is here in Moscow. We have already met Z. Kabulov, Special Envoy for Afghanistan, to discuss with him the recent developments regarding the peace process in Afghanistan,” a Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen, said as quoted by TASS on Friday.

This comes as the US President Donald Trump called off negotiations with the Taliban in which the two sides finalized an agreement in principle which would have paved the ground for a gradual withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

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