• publish: 15 August 2016
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CE Abdullah:

“We have been insulted for the past two years”

Afghan chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah addressing a number of his fans and Afghan political figures said that “we have been insulted for the past two years.”

Afghan chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday met with a number of his fans and Afghan political figures in Sepdiar Palace after disputes again erupted between him and President Ashraf Ghani in recent days.


Dr. Abdullah said “we will not allow anyone to politically move against us under the expression of fighting corruption.”


“You people will witness another dimension of my character from now onwards; our words are not to be considered a threat to the government, the words instead speak of people’s rights.” said Abdullah.


Presidential palace in a statement on Friday in a react to Dr. Abdullah’s sharp criticism over president Ghani, citing president Ghani said “those who have hands in administrative corruption accuse me for implementing monopolism in the country.”


However, CE Abdullah said on Sunday “we are not corrupt, but are aware of the ongoing corruptions in the country and we know who have hands in these corruptions.”


CE Abdullah also apologized to Afghan nations to have not been able to earn Afghan people’s rights.


Recalling his Thursday remarks, Dr. Abdullah said what was propounded on Thursday was not an emotional or personal claim, but was about realities and people should know about realities.


He furthered that today is a day for recalling of the commitments. “We will earn your rights.”


CE Abdullah regarding his meetings with a number of Afghan political figures in the past two days said “it was emphasized in the meetings that the terms of political agreement of Afghan national unity government have to be implemented.”


He also emphasized that he will meet with president Ghani soon and will propound people’s requests with him. “If we find it a challenge after, then we will not take personal decisions, instead representatives and figures will decide.”

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