• publish: 15 August 2016
  • time: 3:09 pm
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Insurgents suffered heavy casualties/ more than 150 killed and wounded within 24 hours

Armed insurgents in Afghanistan have suffered heavy casualties in the past 24 hours, as Afghan security force stormed their hideouts, Afghan ministry of defense said.

Afghan security forces have killed at least 75 armed insurgents and wounded more than 84 of them during their fresh counter-terrorism operations across the country.


Afghan ministry of defense in statement updating these counter-terrorism daily operations said Afghan forces backed by air supports launched a number of operations in 17 of 34 Afghan provinces that during which 75 armed insurgents were killed and 84 others were also wounded.


The statement briefed the fresh counter-terrorism operations as follows:

The operations conducted in Vant Vaigal district of eastern Nuristan province left 27 Taliban insurgents including two girls equipped with suicide vests killed and 31 others wounded.


In Deh Bala district of eastern Nangarhar province, 19 armed insurgents were killed and 23 others were wounded.


Insurgents also suffered casualties in Bala Murghab district of western Badghis province with 15 of them being killed and 18 others wounded.


In Chamkani district of southeastern Paktia province, Afghan forces’ operations left 4 insurgents killed and 3 others wounded.


Moreover, during cleanup operations conducted by Afghan national army and police in Chimtal district of northern Balkh province, Posht-e-Rud district of western Farah province, Shah Vali Kot district of southern Kandahar province, Khoshamand district of eastern Paktika province and central Logar and Ghazni provinces, 10 Taliban militants were killed and 9 others including a local commander Mullah Sayed Agul were wounded.


Afghan ministry of defense also adds in its statement that 11 Afghan national army soldiers suffered martyrdom during the recent operations.

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