• publish: 3 September 2015
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NATO chief:

ISIS is an emergent capability in Afghanistan

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s top military commander General Philip M. Breedlove said Thursday that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group is an emergent capability in Afghanistan.

Gen. Breedlove is the commander of Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, SHAPE, Belgium and Headquarters, US European Command, Stuttgart, Germany,

“Clearly we are concerned about ISIS. I think that the leadership of this nation is concerned about ISIS. It is an emergent capability,” he told reporters during a media roundtable in Kabul.

Gen. Breedlove further added “It is not the powerful capability that it is maybe in other parts of the world but we are concerned about it, its presence here and what it means.“

He said the group is active in numerous places around the country. “The most startling thing that I learnt here is that there are packets of it in numerous places around the nation. I had much a limited vision of where they were. I think on the other side of equation I was more concerned about what was talked about earlier, their possible combat power and what I learnt here is that is not the concern at this moment but the combat power is less concerning than just that they are here making inroads with the people, recruiting, etc,” he added.

He also added that ISIS/Daesh fighters are less defined with some folks fighting for the group may actually have been Taliban but find a better place to be associated based on things as pay and opportunity.

Gen. Breedlove said “The there are places where there are actually fighting between the Taliban and ISIS because they do not share some of their belief systems in the way things should be done and then there are other places where there doesn’t appear to be fighting and so these are all things that we are going to have understand in the future.”

According to Gen. Breedlove the group will have a hard time to become a part of this society because their approach to their religion, which he believes is very different.

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