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Jalriz incident, an obvious conspiracy

After 48 hours of battle and resistance in Jalriz city of Wardak province, the city was finally lost and 20 soldiers were killed.

“The city being lost and soldiers being killed is an obvious conspiracy from security entities.” Said Arif Rahmani, a parliament member.

Arif Rahmani speaking to Raha Press mentioned there were three big supporting military and security bases near Jalriz city, but none of which step forward to help the deaths. Security entities not entering the field to help, considering all the deaths were of Hazara ethnic group, shows an obvious conspiracy.

This parliament member believe traitors and racists are of among the governing officials who are organizing such set ups.

Early Thursday, some social network users wrote on their pages about the severe running conflict between local security forces and armed insurgents, and that the security forces were running out of ammos and had asked for supports. The news rapidly spread out and reached to mass media, in return, officials in capital and local described the state as calm and in control and issued newsletters claiming there were only two deaths and one police station lost.

However; 48 hours later, it revealed. Jalriz city, a key path for capital is lost, with more than 20 soldiers dead.

Jalriz martyrs

Another parliament member speaking to Raha claimed once the conflict began, none of the present capital and local security forces helped the local police, and passed false information to media about the casualties. This parliament member, Mr. Sa’adati, added there is the possibility of a conspiracy and some local officials were cooperating with Taliban to have the police stations lost.

“Jalriz being the key path for capital was among the safest cities in recent years, and Taliban was not satisfied with that” Sa’adati told, adding that an investigation has to be done on this.

However, some social activists and network users blame the second vices for president and executive directorate of the government for their defective actions.

Arif Rahmani believes these two did their best to the extend they are politically allowed, but those racist and traitors within the government hampered these two’s activities.

“When conspiracy is going on, no one could do the right thing”. Rahmani said.

Raha Press-Kabul

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