• publish: 28 February 2018
  • time: 9:19 am
  • category: Politics
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Haneef Atmar:

Kabul Process, Tashkent Conference expand sound regional relations

Haneef Atmar, National Security Adviser declared in a meeting with Uzbekistan’s special envoy for Afghanistan Esmatullah Ergashiv that,the Kabul Process and Tashkent Conferences on the Afghan peace will expand sound regional relations.

Atmar discussed bilateral relations and the achievements of his visit to Tashkent with Ergashiv.

Ergashiv assured his country’s support of the Afghan-led Kabul process conference and struggle against terrorism.

He also said that Tashkent supports Afghanistan’s regional and international policies, emphasizing on the two countries’ joint efforts for the regional peace and stability as a key issue.

Ergashiv.informed Atmar about preparations of the Tashkent conference on Afghan peace, saying that the region supports this initiative. “The Tashkent conference will play an important role in the expansion of relationships.

Atmar said that the Kabul Process and Tashkent conferences would create opportunities for peace, stability and comprehensive relations. He called the Tashkent conference as a “historical step”.

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