• publish: 12 April 2018
  • time: 12:09 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
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Khawja Omari district in Ghazni fell to the Taliban: officials

Khawja Omari district fell to the Taliban after they launched a coordinated attack on the district, provincial official confirmed.

A member of Ghazni provincial council, Nasir Ahmad Faqiri said on Thursday that militants launched a coordinated attack in early hours of Thursday and killed the district chief and some other officials of Khawja Omari district.

Having killed and wounded a number of Afghan forces, the Taliban militants also took control of the district, Faqiri added.

A spokesman for the provincial governor, Mohammad Arif Noori also confirmed the incident and said the chief district “Ali Dust Shams” along with some other officials and police guards to the district building were killed.

He added that the Taliban militants arriving from neighboring Rashidan district in the same province and Jaghatu district in Wardak Province launched a coordinated attack at around 2. A.M and after three and half hours killed the officials and took control of the district administration.

He said the district chief along with 6 soldiers were killed and 9 other police soldiers were wounded in the incident.

In the meantime, Ghazni provincial police says at least 27 Taliban militants were killed during the clashes with Afghan forces.

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