• publish: 4 May 2019
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Abdullah in an interview with Turkish Anadolu

Loya Jirga had no achievements

Loya Jirga had no achievements and it should have been held after a peace agreement, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has said.

Speaking in an interview with Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency during visit to the country, Abdullah said that that most of what was included in the declaration of the Jirga had already been discussed and decided on at the meeting of Leadership Council for Reconciliation.

Abdullah said that the assembly, which was held for five days in Kabul, inflicted heavy costs on people. The government had announced holidays for period covering the Jirga and banned movement of cargo trucks to the city.

Referring to intra-Afghan talks which had been expected to be held last month in Qatar, Abdullah said that the meeting was cancelled due to mismanagement.

He said that the Afghan government and politicians outside the government were set to participate in the meeting, but the organizers had no experiences of holding such an event.

Abdullah was among several prominent political leaders who boycotted Loya Jirga, which President Ashraf Ghani expected to determine limits and framework of peace talks with the Taliban.

Some of the political leaders accused President Ashraf Ghani of using it as a platform to boost his status as a leader in an election year.

President Ghani, however, rejected the accusations and urged politicians to respect people.

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