• publish: 8 July 2015
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Male nominees for Central Bank and Supreme Court confirmed for the seats, the female nominee rejected

Khalilullah Sediq, nominee for central bank chairman, and Sayed Yousuf Halim, nominee for Supreme Court membership earned the confidence vote from House of Parliament.

And the only female nominee for Supreme Court, Anisa Rasouli was rejected by MPs.

The three appeared at the parliament session today (Wednesday) and presented their working plans to MPs, but only two of whom received the confidence vote.

Kahlilulla Sediq and Sayed Yousuf Halim received 100 and 103 placet votes consecutively, making them to win the seats.

However, Anisa Rasouli who holds a degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Kabul could not receive the vote of confidence on today’s session.

193 legislators were present during the session today, and Rasouli needed 97 votes to get through the process and become the first ever judge within the supreme court of Afghanistan but unfortunately she could not receive the specified set of votes.

She earned 88 placet, 83 non placet, 14 recusant and 7 revoked votes.

Zahir Qadir who was chairing the session today asked the government to introduce another female nominee for a vote of confidence for the membership of the Supreme Court.

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