• publish: 2 October 2015
  • time: 9:32 pm
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Mohaqiq Asks For NGOs’ Support to Rescue Kunduz, Wardoj Victims

Mohammad Mohaqiq, the second deputy of Chief Executive on Friday met delegates from various national and international humanitarian organizations to help those affected as a result of the recent Taliban attack on Kunduz city and residents of Wardoj district in Badakhshan.

The fall of Kunduz last week left many civilians homeless.

“According to statistics, thousands evacuated the city and sought refuge in Takhar province and Kalafgan including 500 who are trapped in Sher Khan port. We want to know what the ministers and charity organizations are doing to provide them necessary assistance,” Mohaqiq said.

Referring to the fall of Kunduz, Mohaqiq praised the courage and determination of Afghan troops, saying Afghan forces showed that they can handle threats and are ready to thwart plots.

“The advance of the security forces proved that they had enough capability to compensate whenever a threat is posed,” he said.

This comes at a time that a Kunudz MP Fatima Aziz has announced a hunger strike in protest over the situation.

“Our people do not have a morsel of bread, they are in extreme need and can’t come out, we are here on strike to attract the attention of international organizations and the UN to come to their support,” Fatima Aziz said.

“My whole family has been trapped in Kunduz war, please help the people,” a resident of Kunduz said.

According to reports, residents in Kunduz are being subjected to horrific ordeals.

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