• publish: 15 November 2015
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Ministry of Public Health:

More than 3,500 Afghans died of Diabetes in past six months

Officials in Afghan Ministry of Public Health say more than 3,500 Afghans have died of diabetes in the past six months and the number of affected is also growing each day.  

Dr. Qamaruddin Sediqee advisor to the Ministry during a session has said,” in past six months 3,567 persons affected with diabetes have lost their lives in Afghanistan.”

Speaking at the ceremony held for “The World Diabetes Day”, Dr. Sediqee said that the number of people affected with diabetes is increasing in Afghanistan and in the world as well.

According to the consensus of the World Health Organization, there are approximately 367 million people affected with the diabetes in the world and the number is still continuing to rise.

Members of Afghan parliament had also raised their concern the other day over the increased number of Afghan people affected with diabetes and said the consequences would be much more concerning if nothing be done to prevent the rise.

According to officials in Ministry of public health, necessary measurements are underway to tackle this disease in Afghanistan.



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