• publish: 1 September 2015
  • time: 5:36 pm
  • category: Social
  • No: 981

More than 8,000 development projects done by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation

Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) says that rural development programs worth $ 234 million implemented in Afghanistan during the past eight months.

The ministry noted that the programs include 8,000 projects which have been implemented in 34 provinces of the country.

Nasir Durani, minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development claims that he has completed thousands of projects during his working time.

“We have implemented 8,306 development projects that its cost reaches to $ 235 million,” Nasir Durani, minister of MRRD said.

Durani stressed on balanced programs in the ministry.

“We had not national projects in the past but the development programs will head to national series,” Durani added.

According to statistics of MRRD, so far, the ministry has spent 45 percent of its budget.

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