• publish: 13 September 2015
  • time: 7:28 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 1237

National Procurement Commission approves eight contracts

National Procurement Commission in its yesterday meeting, reviewing thirteen contracts from different governmental organizations, approved eight contracts worth two billion and nine hundred and thirty eight million Afghanis.

The approved contracts include food and fuel supplies for National Police, food supply for the dorms of the Education Department of Parwan Province as well as the project for provision and installation of pipe-based water supply system of Kabul province.

The commission chaired by President Ghani discussed the procurement process of fuel supply for Kabul Municipality and approved its contract.

Three contracts from the Afghan Public Protection Force Enterprise were deferred to the next meeting for modification purposes.

Also discussed in the meeting was the customs modernization and trade facilitation project, which was deemed important for improvement of trade facilitation and transparency in customs clearance processes.

The commission confirmed the transition plan for the project of UN Customs Consulting Services.

The President directed the leadership of the Ministry of Finance to ensure effective implementation of the above programs.

The meeting was also attended by the Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danish, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and the Ministers for Finance, Economy and Justice.

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