• publish: 23 April 2018
  • time: 12:05 pm
  • category: Economy
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Our private sector is ready to invest in Afghanistan: UAE delegation

The UAE delegation who arrived in Kabul to attend the inauguration ceremony of Shiekh Khalifa township said that their private sector is ready to invest in Afghanistan, said a president office statement. 

In a meeting with Afghan president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the delegation said the UAE’s private sector was ready to invest in Afghanistan, according to the statement.

The president said the government of Afghanistan has prepared the ground for investment, mainly in the field of house building and agriculture, the statement added.

Both the president and the UAE delegation attended the inauguration ceremony of the Shaikh Khalifa Bene Zayed Ale Nehyan township, which was funded by the Abu Dhabi Development Fund.

Attended at the ceremony, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Sayed Mansoor Naderi said the township which was built based on modern equipment and facilities, contained 3330 residential apartments which was expected to be completed in 1393, but postponed due to some reasons, the statement quoted.

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